European Olympics - Testemunhos

The "European Olimpics" program that took place between the 16th and 20th of April 2018 at the Fernão do Pó do Bombarral Primary and Secondary School made me enrich my culture. This meeting with colleagues from other countries was the best experience of my life as a student.
Weeks before the meeting I started talking with my guest. At first, I didn’t know what to say, but we ended up talking every day and saw that we both had the same tastes and that brought us close enough. I was nervous days before the arrival of my guest, because I wanted that she liked our country from the beginning and of course Portuguese people. I wanted her to feel at home and comfortable, in the end I was happy because I could see that this happened and she loved it.
Besides the incredible friendships I made, I learn a lot from our colleagues, we all got along very well. The best moments were when we were all together,  the students from Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria and Portugal, in these moments we began to teach each other our languages.
Until today I keep in touch with most of our colleagues, I talk a lot with my host and even plan more trips together, she'll come here again and I'll go visit her. I can say that I made a good friend with this program.

In my opinion the Erasmus Program gives us a unique opportunity that should be made the most of the students. My experience as an Erasmus student exceeded all my expectations and was a very enriching experience both professionally and personally.


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