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The pleasure of Erasmus didn´t begin when we arrived, it began when we got notified that we were going to host people in our houses.
Once you get immersed in the Erasmus+ lifestyle, everything becomes easier. You start making close friends and wonderful memories. It was such a short experience but it felt like it was a month or more.
Everyone was friends of everyone, we even wanted to go to their countries by ourselves, without the project. Even if we knew that we could talk on social media, everyone cried at the goodbye because that week was the week of our lives.
If someone asked me if i wanted to repeat it with the same people or with different people i couldn't decide because: is it better to make all the good memories live again or make new ones?

Adorei receber pessoas estrangeiras em minha casa, em ambas as semanas diverti me imenso e fiz boas amizades! Acho que foi uma experiência fantástica!
I loved to host foreign people in my house, on both weeks. I had a lot of fun and make good friends! To me it was a fantastic experience!

There are no words to describe this experience. Different people, different cultures, different habbits, tastes and languages … all of that was just stunning.
I think  everyone should experience it, at least once, because it´s something that changes our lives and our way to see the world.
If I needed to describe Easmus in one word, probably I would choose unique. It was unique the way that total strangers met each other and became friends in the first day they met. Unique the way you feel when they returned to their countries and how much you miss them after that.
I consider it´s a chance to learn, to have fun and make a lot of friends. When they were here, I learned some words, habbits, points of view, funny games and, mostly, made a lot of memories.
Hosting someone was amazing. It was a chance to really know the person I hosted and learned about  her culture closely. It was strange in the beginning, to have a person you have never seen in your house but quickly you get used to it, and it´s so much fun! Sometimes you need to explain and describe or just see how different things are in other countries. It´s like travelling but without leaving your house.
I can say those weeks were the happiest weeks of my life, so I want to thank to all the Erasmus students who came to Portugal and made that possible!

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