You can be a hero: encontro transnacional na Letónia

O projecto ERASMUS + YOU CAN BE A HERO tem-se revelado uma experiência transnacional muito positiva. Os parceiros (Portugal, França, Grécia e Letónia ) têm vindo a trabalhar as várias dimensões com as quais se pode construir um “Hero”,  através de uma organização que tem como base as equipas transnacionais. O primeiro encontro, decorrido em Janeiro de 2018, em França, destacou o conceito de herói quando associado às pessoas portadoras de deficiência,  no 2º encontro, decorrido na nossa escola, a temática abordou a igualdade de género , e de que forma muitos a defendem como verdadeiros heróis. O 3º encontro, decorrido entre os dias 30 de Setembro e 6 de Outubro teve lugar na Letónia, mais precisamente na cidade de Sigulda, e, o trabalho recaiu sobre a importância do voluntariado.
Durante esta semana os nossos alunos e professores integraram as equipas transnacionais e realizaram trabalho de voluntariado em três vertentes distintas, entre as quais o Voluntariado Educativo, o Social e o Ambiental. Estas actividades promoveram o trabalho em equipa, com o acréscimo de dois desafios, um primeiro, pelo facto das equipas serem constituídas por elementos com quatro nacionalidades diferentes, e um segundo, pelo facto desse trabalho ter sido integrado “voluntariamente” na comunidade local da cidade de Sigulda. As equipas foram para o terreno e colocaram em prática as suas acções de voluntariado, criou-se assim uma ligação com o meio e as pessoas locais que proporcionou aos alunos experiências muito enriquecedoras como eles próprios testemunham.

The week that i went to Latvia was the best week of my life. In this week i meet foreign people from
France, Greece, and of course Latvia.
During the week everyone was super nice to me (the family i was with, the teachers, the students). They were so nice that i came to Portugal with a completely different idea of Latvian people.
The city were the school was located (Sigulda) was very pretty, as well as Riga. I also liked the food, something i was afraid of, and the weather for sure.
I also had the amazing opportunity to turn 16 years old there and that makes this trip more unforgettable.
I hope i ́ll go to latvia again.
Francisca Lopes

The week that we've spend in Latvia was amazing. The people were incredible, the food diferent and the whole expirience was very important for me to understand other cultures and behaviors.
This program is what any student need, an easy and funny way to meet New people and New countries while developing our english.
I loved the expirience.
Mariana Silva

Latvia... it was easily one of the best weeks I had in my whole life. Really. And I’m so sad it’s over.
I keep reliving the moments I had there in my mind. All the laughs, all the jokes, all the amazing things I did there. From running after a cat in Cẽsῖs, to trying out Latvian drinks (;-), to watching a movie in the best cinema I’ve been... Ugh, there are so many that I can’t say them all. I miss you. I truly do miss you all. I miss the conversations we had. I miss the hugs. I miss every fucking thing I did there. Damn, I’m crying.
I made really good friendships there, ones that I’ll never forget. Amanda, Samantha, Mārcis, Olīvija, Elīna, Lea, Inas, Sofia, Georg, Alexandra and so many more that I can’t remember now or can’t write
their name properly. And I won’t forget about everyone I met here in Portugal, like Karina, Armands, Valdis, Elvīra, Ronans... Damn, I feel like forgetting so many people...
Ivars, I really wanna thank you, for everything. You were a great host, a great friend. You showed me
around but also let me do my own thing. I felt at home there, thanks to you.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone. For everything. For the happiness you gave me during this week. I’m proud to say that I truly love you all, even if it’s gay. I’m proud to say that I cried, and still am crying, because of the mark you left in me. See you soon, dudes.
Gabriel França

The week that we had in Latvia was an unforgettable one, I never thought I would have so much fun in there. Sigulda is a amazingly beautiful city, when we arrived there I was astonished it the view in front of me. My host or host's, I think is more correct to say, were super nice and welcomed us it open arms. I cannot forget the potato pancakes, that they did. I was not able to get to know everyone, but in general they all looked very friendly and funny, I believe if we had more time it would have been easier to get to know everyone, but little time that we had was enough to meet really wonderful people.
I hope I can go back to latvia soon.
Milene Perdigão

I loved my week in Sigulda, people were nice (especially my host). I loved the architecture and the amazing landscapes, aswell as the cities we went to. I surely wasn’t expecting to have so much fun, but i’m glad I had. I miss the folks i met there and I can’t wait to meet them again.
Joana Baceira

The week i spent in Latvia was an amazing week, i loved the two cities that we visit, and my hosts were so kind and nice and they are people that i'll never forget! I hope i can come back there someday and meet all my friends again!
This project is really a good experience, because we get to know people for many different countries and their different culture ! I'm so happy now that i have such good friends all over the world.

Patrícia Leal

The week that we had in Latvia was a really nice week, we had a lot of fun and new experiences with our new friends! Sigulda is an amazing city with a lot of trees and so many green and chill places. I enjoyed that week.
Ana Rita Correia

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