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You can be a hero & European Olympics - Testemunhos

The pleasure of Erasmus didn´t begin when we arrived, it began when we got notified that we were going to host people in our houses.
Once you get immersed in the Erasmus+ lifestyle, everything becomes easier. You start making close friends and wonderful memories. It was such a short experience but it felt like it was a month or more.
Everyone was friends of everyone, we even wanted to go to their countries by ourselves, without the project. Even if we knew that we could talk on social media, everyone cried at the goodbye because that week was the week of our lives.
If someone asked me if i wanted to repeat it with the same people or with different people i couldn't decide because: is it better to make all the good memories live again or make new ones?
Adorei receber pessoas estrangeiras em minha casa, em ambas as semanas diverti me imenso e fiz boas amizades! Acho que foi uma experiência fantástica!
I loved to host foreign people in my house, on both weeks. I had a…

European olympics - Testemunhos 2

Ter-me juntado a este programa e me ter encontrado com pessoas estrangeiras por uma semana acabou por me fazer realizar as nossas diferenças de gostos, normalidades,etc..
poderia dizer que por ter alguém diferente de mim em casa me fez mudar os meus estilos, atitudes, e hábitos para o meu dia a dia.
By joining this project and meeting foreign people for a week made me realize our differences in tastes, habits, etc. I could say that having someone different at home made me change my lifestyle, my attitude, and everyday habits.
Acho que foi uma boa experiência no geral. Houve alguns obstáculos a ultrapassar, como a língua, a cultura diferente e também a timidez do meu hóspede. No entanto acho que ele tambem adorou a sua estadia cá e foi algo inesquecível para ele.
I think it was a good experience in general. There were some obstacles to overcome, like the language, a different culture and also my guest's shyness. However I think he also loved being here and it was somethin…

You can be a hero - Testemunhos

Para mim a experiência de acolher alguém de fora foi muito interessante e gratificante e sem dúvida algo marcante.
Fiz amizades novas , aprendi coisas novas e percebi que existem pessoas pelo mundo fora com que nos podemos dar tão bem e nem sequer fazemos ideia.
To me, the experience of hosting someone from abroad was very interesting and rewarding and no doubt remarkable.
I made new friends, learned new things and I realized that there are people all over the world with whom we can get along so well that we didn't even imagined.
Erasmus was able to give me one of the greatest weeks in my life. From day one everyone was so sweet and friendly that we’ve all bounded quite easily. We knew that it was only a week and we had to do the most of it, so we lived every second with intensity. I think I can talk for all of us when I say that we have made friends for life, I can easily go to France, Greece or Latvia and call at least 3 people from each country and I know that we w…